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October 16, 2020

BitcartCC First Versioned Release, Let's Celebrate!

Our first versioned release is out!

BitcartCC version! 😁

It has all the features BitcartCC has now, in future versions we will write changelogs

Some changes:

Wallet balance on wallets page is now displayed properly

All icons are now using svg, and work properly in dark mode of the browser

Lots of code refactoring, 100% test coverage everywhere!

Removed webhook event delivery method-use websocket instead!

It is way better than webhooks

SDK released with websocket support in daemon

We now have contributing guidelines for vue code too!

Invoice payment checking is now way better-it can handle many pending invoices with ease while before it would error out.

It should work faster, also no more stale invoices!

Current BitcartCC version is now displayed in the footer, and when update is out, you will be able to see that (if you are the superuser on the instance)

That's the result of more than 1.8 years of progress, with more than 540 commits, 160000 additions and 130000 deletions, and two complete re-writes!

Congratulations BitcartCC Community! 🎉🎉🎉